Monday, February 27, 2012

Mangosteen, Queen of the fruit

Many of the world's population have never heard of Mangosteen (Mangosteen), but in South Asia, this fruit is called the queen of the fruit. It is not because of its unique taste but because of widespread use in medicine and health products. It is the national fruit of Thailand. Centuries, practitioners of traditional medicine in India and Southeast Asia have used mangosteen for health benefits.

In India, Thailand and China, a formula that is made from the mangosteen peel is used as an antimicrobial and antiparasitic treatment for treatment of dysentery (intestinal-related) and other forms of diarrhea, other infections. Astrigen quality (sharpness) of the mangosteen is also very useful in preventing dehydration and loss of nutrients from the digestive system of patients with diarrhea. Thailand is a medical practitioner using antimicrobial substances and antiparasitic to treat a wound infection, tuberculosis, malaria, urinary tract infections and diseases such as gonorrhea and syphilis.

In Asia the mangosteen fruit is known for containing features - features and effective in treating inflammatory skin conditions' eczema 'and' hyperkeratotic such as psoriasis. In the Caribbean, tea is processed from the mangosteen fruit is known as "eau de Creole" is used as a tonic for the tired and without energy, universal symptoms experienced multi - million worldwide. So far, no cure for the drug - ordinary medicine and naturopaths are effective for treating these complaints.

The same tea used in Brazil as a treatment agent and digestive aid agents. In Venezuela, the mangosteen rind effective in treating skin parasite infection, while the Philippines use mangosteen extract to control fever. As always, science will always take time to match the wisdom of centuries of traditional knowledge.

Since its introduction, the use of the mangosteen has been growing in the medical field and now study and further research was carried out to diversify its use. Since a hit in the U.S., the mangosteen-based products have received top awards in the "Top 10 Trends to Watch" by the users there. Dr. Mehmet Oz, a medical doctor, medical specialist and host of The Dr.. Oz Show "also ranks third place in the list of mangosteen super fruits'.

Friday, February 24, 2012

What is the Best Online Payment?

After get involved in online business since 2 years ago, I personally very much involved with the payment to purchase e-books, software, investment deposits and the like.

What is the best way to do transactions? Normally for local website, we can simply bank-in the money to do payment. for international website,  how to do and how many option we have?  For those who very new to online transactions, definitely still skeptical about the security of the transferred funds. However, for the "otai" I believe that online transaction is more convenient for them. In this post, I suggested several popular methods you can use

1. Maybank2u:
2. CIMB Clicks
3. EON Bank

2. Liberty Reserve
3. AlertPay

My all time favorite is Maybank2u and Paypal as payment processor generally offers a more consistent service, safe and at affordable costs. However, selecting the type of transaction is subject to the "payment option" provided by the suppliers of products that we want to make a payment.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dropship... New generation business!

What is dropship?
A business method that involves the sale of a product or service to dealers only have to pay to the vendor based products and services sold. It is a great benefit to the dealer not having to keep and bear capital stock. Dropship allows each person carries on business as traders do not need to have a product or service from own production.
If you want to do business without capital, dropship is the best method. This means you can sell without capital, without the risk and do not need to buy and store stock.
Dropship very simple function:1 - You choose what you want to sell from Dropshippers catalog or website.2 - List the products you select it on Facebook, your website, catalog or elsewhere using Dropshippers product photos and descriptions.3 - When there are orders from the customers, you order a product from the dropshipper. They will then send them directly to customers anda.Pelanggan you would think they buy goods come directly from you.4 - You get the profit easily!
You make money without thinking of purchasing and stocking and even see the products. Dropshippers will do all this for you!
The primary advantage is for you. You can use dropshipping to produce more, or little money you need - at the time that you use.
Example:Suppose you sell the gown. You sell at RM160 + RM6 (postage) = RM166 (buyer pay your in advance). You only pay us RM130 (price dropship) + RM6 (postage) = RM136. So you will be able to profit or commission of RM30. That's only if the sale of a piece. If you are selling 5-10 pieces per month. In addition to your gown can also sell various other categories of clothing such as blouse, muslimah tshirt, clothing, children and others. You can balance his own results in a month.
In addition to retail piece - a piece you are given the right to sell at wholesale. Suppose you sell wholesale T shirt muslimah of 50 pieces. Prices for wholesale sale of 20 pieces is RM25 a piece. Suppose you resell to your customers on a wholesale basis to RM26 a piece, you simply receive a commission or a profit of RM50. You simply make a profit without capital to buy, without having to keep stock and without having to send the stock. Interesting is not it?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

HYIP...Disclosure (Siri 2)

Tip # 5 - Note the Serial fraudster
Recently, it is important to know what is a "serial liar". These are people who do not just open a program that failed due to business mistakes as a natural process, but rather launch programs one after another only to deceive the people. It is not easy to know which programs are carried out by serial liar, however there are a few tips I can share.

- Look at forums such as Talkgold and comments. Sometimes no one knows the admin of scam program. Whoever often express the comments to admin will be ban and thus considered a serial scammer.

- See instructions on the site. Often these serial scammers will use the exact same template or script as another website they created. They often leave behind indicators such as the name of the previous program in terms of their services, e-mail address, or the copyright.

Tip # 6 - Do not wait too long
These are tips that I always use. Many times we see investors waiting to see whether the program will pay for before investing. Sometimes they also do a small test to see whether spending programs that pay on time. Avoid this trap. Check the site rating to see if the programs that pay on time, and use this guide to find programs that match the criteria and will last long. If you believe, continue to invest. Do not wait for you to invest in the end of program and then not able to get interest, you lose your deposit.

Tip # 7 - Do not invest if you do not have the courage to LOSS.
Never, ever invest your money if not prepared to lose., Etc. Be prepared to lose. Imagine you are playing Texas Hold'em, instead of actually investing. As in Texas Hold'em you are gambling, however, if you use the right strategies, techniques, and do not get greedy, you will make money.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

HYIP...Disclosure (Siri 1)

HYIP or investment is a real internet if you know the "trick". Good luck ...

Tip # 1 - Do not be quickly influenced by the high interest.
Once you immerse yourself in the investment or HYIP, you will see a variety of programs with different payment amount. Some HYIPs pay lower pay as little as 0.1% daily, while some promised returns as high as 1000% per day, and more! Just imagine it it really impossible to see the return of 1000% per day. This example is if you invest $ 100 into one of the programs that promise to pay you back $ 1,000 the next day. Businessman even the best in the world can not make this kind of consistent profits. In personal, I recommend limiting yourself to invest in programs that only pay 2-3% per day and less. This is a program that will last for a long time (maybe). I have always felt that the less the better investments when dealing with HYIPs.

Tip # 2 - 1st IN & 1st OUT:
One mistake that I think too many make when they invest in are looking for programs that have paid for a long time. Remember, only 0.1% of the online investment is a real investment program, so this is a mistake. Programs that have paid for the actual length of time will usually be of those who failed JUDGEMENT (not always happen but most of the time this is true).

Tip # 3 - Be professional:
When you make the deposit for investing, you should look at many aspects of the program website. You will see several programs that look like five years created, and you will see that it has been for thousands of dollars into their design and website. You normally want to invest in programs that have a web site from the best to them. They are coordinating this program who wish to make their program was short lived, usually will take the time to make their sites best. Admin who just want to take as much money as possible before the run. So they need time, and then we should take the opportunity.

Tip # 4 - Find the program that gets the most attention:
Pilihla program the most many investors say YES to invest in the program. See the proof of payment if any. Most importantly, communicate with other investors, to obtain information from which they join the program. If there is only investors who say the program was started to not pay, HOLD if you want to invest again! Wait until you get your money back. Advice in this situation, the program has revealed my problem. Do not invest more. Withdraw ALL UR MONEY 1ST!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Google Vs Facebook Advertisement Program

Great day!

This time I will discuss about two advertising company which are Facebook Ads and Adwords. Both have the same modus operandi which is Cost Per Click, Cost Per View and / Impression. However, now I want to show difference between the two platforms.

Ok, as we know, Google AdWords is believed by everybody since long time. Before the advent of Facebook Ads, Google AdWords is not invincible. Since introduction of Facebook Ads, Google Adwords increasingly challenged.

After research, I think that if you wanted to sell Malaysia market effectively and quickly, then the answer is FB Ads is. The reason is because nowdays we can see most of internet users open Facebook as the first destination after login to internet. So, Facebook has become a community where many people gather from various walks of life. What I saw, ads will go out based on status, written by a facebook users. Example, if user write about their financial status, their friend be likely to respond to them

And what makes me give the reason that Google Adwords is still relevant for Malaysia market is because AdWords partnership with other organisation. Thus, an ad from you will be scattered here and there and more easily found by visitors.

See Yaa

Saturday, February 11, 2012

"For Things To Change, I Must Change First"

Why is there not many people's life change? Many are deceived in the hope that when they work harder, they can get a high salary. When they work, it take 5 years before their position became stable. After working so many years, their only hope to improve their life is retirement. But the reality is that many of us did not achieve this. After the pension they still live hard way.

Why is this happening? Because they do the same thing every day. Wreath and again a month, a year and tens of years. Just expect the employer to raise wages. If we do the same thing, where maybe we will get a different incomeOpportunity to self-employment may only come once in your life and you must polish the potential yourself. 

You are GREAT because you are family expectations, guiding the children.
You are GREAT for many people around you that you can help.

Takde Kad Kredit? Gunakan Kad Debit


Sememangnya tak ade cara lain utk upgred di Vemma melainkan dengan Kad Kredit atau Kad Debit. Kad debit boleh menjadi alternatif kerana ramai juga antara kita yang takde kad kredit ataupun dah serik menggunakan kad hutang tu hohohooo.

Kad debit yang amat saya syorkan adalah:


Di bawah ini ditunjukkan cara mengaktifkan Visa debit card daripada Maybank untuk urusan transaksi di internet. Anda hanya perlu melakukannya dengan beberapa langkah mudah sahaja di Maybank2u. 1. Masuk ke akaun Maybank2u anda. Klik di sini.

2. Klik pada bahagian "Maybankard Secure Online Shopping Registration".

2. Isikan maklumat yang diperlukan. Klik "submit".

Anda perlu memilih "Password" anda sendiri

Untuk contoh lengkap mengaktifkan Maybank Debit Card, sila layari

3. Anda boleh menghubungi pusat khidmat pelanggan di 1300-88-6688 jika mempunyai sebarang pertanyaan.

#2 Kad Debit EON Bank


Setakat hari ini, kad debit EON bank adalah kad debit yang paling banyak digunakan oleh ahli VeMMA untuk upgred kepada Member. Kenapa Kad Debit EON menjadi pilihan ramai?

  • Murah – Hanya perlu bayar RM8 sahaja untuk buka akaun

  • Boleh diperolehi dengan cepat – siap on the spot

  • Activation kad dalam masa lebih kurang 16 jam – maksudnya, selepas kad anda siap, anda perlu tunggu paling kurang 16 jam dulu baru boleh gunakan kad tersebut.

Cara nak buat senang saja…Kunjungi EON bank terdekat dengan membawa duit secukupnya untuk upgred dan anda apply kad debit EON Bank. Bila kad dah siap, pergi ke ATM machine dan tukarkan no PIN baru anda. Jangan lupa juga register PIN untuk EON Bank online.

#3 Kad Debit Al-Rajhi


Walaupun kad debit Al-Rajhi jarang digunakan kerana masih kurang cawangan yang di buka, (baru berkembang), kad debit ini boleh menjadi pilihan untuk upgred kepada Member. Jika anda tinggal di kawasan bandar, bolehlah jumpa cawangannya. Bagaimana nak apply kad debit Al-Rajhi?

  • Pergi ke cawangan Bank Al-Rajhi dan jangan lupa bawa IC dan duit untuk upgred & lebihkan RM20. Ambil no giliran dan bila dipanggil, bagitau kaunter yang anda akan buka akaun saving biasa.

  • Tunjukkan IC, isi borang sikit (kalau tak tahu boleh tanya kaunter). Biasanya tak sampai 30 minit dah siap.

  • Dah ada akaun saving, jangan lupa untuk apply 2 benda ini pula:

  1. Kad Debit Al-Rajhi

  2. Akaun Perbankan Internet Al-Rajhi

  • Dah siap Kad Debit anda, sila ke ATM dan tukar no PIN anda

  • Kat mesin ATM, pergi ke menu lain-lain. Buat PIN request for Internet Banking. Mesin ATM akan keluarkan satu slip yang ada kod untuk anda registerkan

  • Balik rumah, buka PC. Login kat Klik kat menu belah kanan First Time Login. Nanti anda create lah akaun anda. Jangan lupa masukkan PIN yang anda apply kat mesin ATM tadi.

#4 Kad Debit Public Bank


  • Kalo anda belum ada Kad ni, seeloknya jangan apply dulu kerna hanya Selepas 2 atau 3 minggu baru anda akan dapat Kad Debit Public Bank berbanding Kad Debit Al-Rajhi yang akan dapat dalam masa itu jugak.

  • Perlu mempunyai nilai akhir sekurang-kurangnya RM25 di dalam akaun berbanding Al-Rajhi yang hanya perlu nilai minimum RM10 sahaja.

#5 Kad Tune Money


Ada Rakan Niaga saya yang pernah Upgred menggunakan Kad Tune Money. Kad Tune Money boleh menjadi pilihan jika anda tinggal di pedalaman dan jauh dari bank kerana Kad Tune Money boleh di apply di pejabat Pos. Kad ini lebih dikenali sebagai kad top-up tetapi ada juga yang panggilnya kad debit.

Antara kelemahan Kad Tune Money

  • Kalau nak top-up, boleh top-up kat Pejabat Pos. Tapi ambil masa sehingga 2 hari baru duit masuk ke dalan kad.

  • Tak boleh tukar nomor PIN di mesin ATM.

  • Jika nak withdraw duit, cuma boleh di mesin ATM yang ada logo PLUS sahaja.

  • Jika tak ingat PIN, kad ini perlu dibatalkan dan diganti dengan kad baru.

  • Duit yang ada dalam kad ini tak boleh transfer atau online transfer.

Itu antara kelemahan pada Kad Tune Money. Namun itu adalah info yg dulu, mngkin sekarang Kad Tune Money dah banyak perkembangan, apapun cuba dapatkan keterangan lanjut dari pihak Tune Money ye..

Banyak lagi kad debit yang boleh anda digunakan untuk upgred Vemma seperti kad debit NextG Ambank, Kad Debit RHB dan sebagainya. Cuma yang tak boleh (setakat ini yang saya tahu) adalah kad debit BSN dan kad debit Bank Islam..cubalah 21 kali pun mmg tak akan sukses sebab anda perlukan kebenaran dari pihak Bank dulu sebelum membuat proses pembelian internet..cara ini agak leceh dan lambat..tapi kalo anda rajin nak berurusan dgn pihak bankapa salahnya hehehe seeloknya pilih kad yg lain ok..

Jadi..bagi anda yang masih belum upgred kerana takde kad kredit..jangan tunda lagi dan segera apply salah satu debit kad diatas..Mulailah menjana pendapatan lumayan di VeMMA.


Nama Pertama:
Nama Akhir:
Sahkan E-Mail:
Saya berminat memperolehi:

Selepas mendaftar, kami akan emailkan butiran lanjut tentang Bisnes Vemmabuilder. Keputusan untuk menyertai bisnes di tangan anda. Maklumat peribadi anda akan dirahsiakan.....

PERHATIAN: Untuk pertanyaan, sila berhubung dengan saya melalui SKYPE atau YM


Upgrade memerlukan kredit kad atau debit kad sahaja kerana secara Online !
1. Login ke laman web
2. Klik link “VemmaBuilder Members and Pre-enrollees click here to login” , Masukkan ID dan Password Vemmabuilder anda dalam petak bersesuaian dan Klik “Login” button
3. Klik “Get Started!!!” Borang seperti di bawah akan muncul. Sila isikan selengkapnya: Pada bahagian Payment Information, pilih kad kredit atau debit anda sama ada Visa atau Mastercard. Card Number di tulis di sebelah depan kad kredit/debit manakala CVV adalah nombor 3 angka di bahagian belakang kad kredit/debit. Isikan sekali Expiration Date kad anda. Scroll ke bawah lagi dan anda dikehendaki memilih salah satu Pakej Produk seperti di bawah:

Secara defaultnya, anda hanya ditunjukkan 1 Pakej Produk sahaja. Jika anda ingin menjana pendapatan lumayan, pilihlah Pakej Ultimate dengan klik pada link “advanced builder packs”. Gambarajah seperti di bawah akan muncul:

Tandakan ‘tick’ pada “ Asia Ultimate Builder Pack” untuk mengambil Pakej Ultimate. Juga terdapat pakej Basic dan Siver builder yang memberi anda lebih pilihan berdasarkan kemampuan dan jumlah income yang hendak anda perolehi. Dan langkah terakhir adalah ‘tick’ pada agreement dan Klik “Start Earning Now”Tahniah, anda telah menjadi Paid Member Vemma dan boleh mula menjana pendapatan. PENTING:Sekiranya anda tidak upgrade keahlian kepada paid member sehingga HARI JUMAAT ini jam 2 PM , dan downline anda upgred terlebih dahulu, mereka akan terus meninggalkan anda dan mereka terus naik keatas. Ingat! peluang sebegini tidak pernah berlaku dalam hidup anda. Inilah kecanggihan bisnes VemmaBuilder kami. Jangan BIARKAN downline anda tinggalkan anda selama-lamanya!